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What you really want to know about the Samsung Frame TV


Aug 23, 2023

A TV that transforms into a piece of framed artwork when not in use? 

Great idea – in theory. But once you stop being dazzled by the good looks and fancy features of a Samsung Frame TV, how does it fare? 

Worried it might be all style and no substance? Concerned about the financial reality of a TV that stays switched on all day?  

These are real concerns. Which is why we’re taking the time to answer them. Here we tackle some of the lesser asked – but just as important – questions about this popular TV. 

Is burn-in a risk with the Samsung Frame TV?

For those not sure what we mean, burn-in is a permanent mark on your screen that doesn’t move – regardless of what you’re doing or watching. 

It’s caused when a fixed image is left on the screen for a long time – which is why it’s a cause for concern for people considering buying the Samsung Frame. Even if it’s only small, it’s hugely frustrating and liable to spoil your viewing pleasure. 

But there’s no need to worry. The Frame has been designed to enable static images to be held on screen with no risk of burn-in.  

Does the Frame TV use a lot of electricity?

This is the clever bit – no!  

In art mode, the Frame TV is designed to use much less electricity, just 30% of the standard TV mode – that’s as little as 60-100 watts. 

So, if you’re not in the room, and want to be even more savvy with your electricity use, it’s easy to disable the mode and switch the TV off completely.

Can the Samsung Frame also be a mirror?

As a TV focused on style and elevating interior design, it’s reasonable to wonder if the Frame TV might also function as a mirror. 

Unfortunately, this is one feature too far and the Samsung Frame TV does not offer a mirror mode. It will look great on a feature wall with a mirror placed next to it though! 

How do you avoid wires ruining the look? 

This is a TV designed to look and feel like a picture frame. With customisable bezels to match your interior, an uber-thin design to sit flush to the wall and access to hundreds of images, everything possible has been done to ensure this TV looks and feels like the real deal – so Samsung isn’t about to let wires spoil the effect!

Instead of a tangle of unattractive black cables, the Frame TV has one ‘barely there’ cable called the ‘One Connect’ cord. This thin, virtually transparent wire connects the back of the TV to a single connection hub, keeping your wires organised and, more importantly, out of sight! 

Do you have to pay for pictures? 

If you’re drawn to the Frame TV because you tend to change your mind and like to revamp the look of your home on a regular basis, you might be worrying about the cost of constantly changing the image on display – but it doesn’t need to cost you a penny. 

Okay, so you have to pay if you’d like full access to the Art Store, (which is normally around £3.99 per month), but there’s no real need to. 

With a Frame TV, you gain access to hundreds of pictures for free. You can also use images from the internet and upload your own photographs, which you can change as often as your like – at no extra cost!

If you want a TV that looks just as impressive when it’s switched off as it does when it’s on, you need a Samsung Frame TV. 

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