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At IM Academy, Students Study These 3 Time-Based Approaches to Market Analysis 


Jul 27, 2023

The internet has significantly transformed education, with virtual academies now undoubtedly playing a major role in disseminating knowledge. IM Academy is one such virtual educational academy, offering several programs on financial markets. As the world shrinks into the realm of our screens, the goal of this online platform is to broaden the horizons of learning and foster a global community of learners.

The core objective of the Academy is to equip students with an in-depth understanding of various market engagement strategies, emphasizing time-based approaches and pattern-based chart analysis. Its curriculum is designed to provide a holistic learning experience, exploring different short-term intraday, mid-paced swing, and long-term position strategies. Furthermore, the curriculum takes into account different learning styles, combining prerecorded materials with interactive learning sessions. 

How IM Academy Works

IM Academy’s blended learning approach is meant to offer students control over their learning pace and style. They can pause and replay the prerecorded content until they grasp the concept thoroughly. The materials’ availability 24/7 allows students to balance their financial education with their other responsibilities. Whether they’re full-time professionals seeking to upskill, university students exploring a career in finance, or passionate individuals hoping to master market strategies, the Academy can accommodate their schedules.

While self-paced learning is a cornerstone of the Academy’s teaching methodology, it also promotes interactive learning through live mentorship sessions. These online video discussions, hosted by educators with experience in various markets and strategies, provide an opportunity for students to delve deeper into the nuances of strategies, ask questions, and receive feedback. Called GoLive sessions, these discussions are meant to help students connect the dots between theory and practice. 

Furthermore, these sessions can foster a sense of community among students. As it’s expanded beyond the U.S., students who are signed up for IM Academy in countries like France, Germany, Spain, and Italy can come together to discuss, debate, and learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. 

In the virtual world, where learning can sometimes feel isolating, these interactive sessions are designed to bridge the gap, offering students a network of peers and mentors. They provide an avenue for students to voice their apprehensions, share their triumphs, and navigate their learning journey together.

IMpulse: A Game Changer

Augmenting IM Academy’s learning resources is its chart analysis tool: IMpulse. Released in 2022, this scanner was designed to visualize directions and momentum across a variety of markets: foreign exchange (forex), cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, and futures. It consolidates intricate market data into intuitive visual graphs, making it easier for students to understand and predict market trends.

The goal is to use IMpulse to make informed decisions substantiated by real-time data and concrete analysis. By integrating IMpulse into the curriculum, the Academy tries to ensure that students not only learn the theoretical aspects of market engagement, but also acquire the necessary skills to analyze and interpret market data.

IMpulse can foster a more scientific approach to time-based strategies, enabling students to analyze market movements at various time scales and understand this movement based on data-driven analysis rather than intuition or speculation. Students study various market indicators, their interplay, and pattern-based predictions of possible market movements. 

Ultimately, students at IM Academy combine asynchronous learning, live mentorship, and tools like IMpulse to study the strategies that work best for them, whether those are more fast-paced intraday approaches, medium-scale swing strategies, or long-term position building. 

Intraday Strategies

Intraday strategies refer to a more aggressive and active approach that revolves around buying and selling assets within a single market day in an effort to capitalize on minor price movements. Those who engage in this strategy aim to close all positions by the end of a session to avoid the risk of price gaps associated with overnight holding.

At IM Academy’s TBX Academy, students are introduced to the fast-paced world of scalping, a popular intraday strategy. They study how to analyze price and volume charts, discern short-term market trends, and make rapid yet calculated decisions. The curriculum also emphasizes the importance of risk management techniques and discipline, essential components for navigating the volatile intraday market.

The role of IMpulse in learning this short-term strategy is key. It visually represents intraday price fluctuations, making it easier for students to study patterns and opportunities. 

Swing Strategies

Swing strategies operate on a longer time frame than intraday strategies, but a shorter time frame than position-based approaches. Those who employ a swing approach hold positions for days to weeks, aiming to capture price swings during that period. They don’t aim to pinpoint the absolute tops or bottoms, but to catch a substantial chunk of price movements.

IM Academy covers swing approaches in markets such as forex, cryptocurrency, and stocks, exploring how to identify assets showing signs of momentum or likely to do so based on pattern-based technical analysis. The curriculum balances the art and science of market engagement, noting that there are no guarantees, and market participants have to both analyze market indicators and intuit the subtleties of market sentiment.

Again, IMpulse serves as a valuable tool for those studying this approach. Because it visually represents price momentum and trend directions, it can be used to try to identify assets with potential price swings and determine optimal entry and exit points. 

Position Strategies

Position strategies are for those who prefer playing the long game. Those who favor this strategy hold engagement positions for months or even years, focusing on the broader market trends rather than short-term fluctuations. This strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of fundamental analysis and macroeconomic indicators.

IM Academy’s curriculum covers these aspects, explaining how to analyze economic indicators and market trends. Studying this strategy involves learning to appreciate its slow and steady nature, a contrast to the fast-paced intraday and the medium-paced swing approaches.

Choosing the Right Strategy

The choice of market engagement strategy depends on an IM Academy student’s financial goals, risk tolerance, and time commitment. Each of the three strategies has its benefits and drawbacks.

Intraday approaches demand a high level of focus, quick decision-making, and constant market monitoring. These strategies are well-suited for individuals who can dedicate their entire day to market engagement and thrive on fast-paced, high-pressure situations.

Swing strategies, on the other hand, operate on a medium-term time frame, which doesn’t require constant market monitoring, making it suitable for those who can’t devote their entire day to market engagement. However, swing strategies can carry the risk of overnight price gaps and require a thorough understanding of both technical and fundamental analysis.

Position engagement is the most passive of the three strategies. Its potential is tied to long-term market trends and requires the least amount of screen time. However, this long-term approach could require a more substantial initial investment, exposes traders to overnight and weekend risks, and demands a high level of patience.

IM Academy was designed to offer a comprehensive platform for understanding these diverse trading strategies. By combining theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and the use of sophisticated tools like IMpulse, the Academy seeks to prepare its students for the dynamic world of financial markets. Whether one prefers the speed of scalping, the balance of swing strategies, or the patience of taking a long-term position, the academy has resources to help guide the financial education process. 

Note: IM Mastery Academy is not an advisory or broker service. IM Mastery Academy provides online educational services only.